November 2018 Farm Update – Phase 2 pricing

Chinese phytosanitary experts visit pineapple plantations in Panama
Chinese phytosanitary experts visit pineapple plantations in Panama
November 6, 2018
MD2 pineapples
80% of pineapples imported into Europe are of the MD2 variety
November 21, 2018

November 2018 Farm Update – Phase 2 pricing

With the Panamanian independence and flag day celebrations out of the way, it’s been back to business as usual on our farm. The main focus this month is to plant the final (sold out) Phase 1 lots for our clients.

We’re also in the final stages of completing the phase 2 lot plan. Every lot will be larger than 2.47 acres with each having 1 hectare (2.47 acres) of planting area or more. These are being sold on a first come first serve basis. I.e. they will be assigned and planted in the order we receive the funds (though planting will always begin within 3 months of clearing the funds).

Reservations for phase 2 have already started and for a limited period we’re offering you the opportunity to join phase 2 at the original introductory price of $59,500 per lot. The price will increase to $69,500.

Reserve Your Phase 2 Lot(s) at Introductory Price Here Now

In the News

The Panamanian government, through the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama (Mida) actively supports the local agriculture sector through various initiatives. Two examples of this were in the news last week:
– It was announced that Panama exported 6,400 boxes of MD-2 pineapples to Turkey, under the Panama Exporta Program. This program supports local pineapple producers with technical assistance and promoting their products abroad.
– Since Panama established diplomatic ties with Beijing in June 2017, a lot of focus has been on establishing new commercial ties, specifically in agriculture. As part of this China sent phytosanitary experts down to Panama last week with a view of certifying Panama’s pineapples for export to China.

Why visit Panama?

For such a small country, there’s a lot to experience and see in Panama, not just our farm. With direct flights from all major airports in the US, it’s also very easy to reach. Here’s a nice 8 minute video made by a recent US visitor to Panama which shows why Panama is one of his favorite countries.

why visit panama 8 min vid

Please contact us for any further info.

James Gooden
C.E.O. Latam Invest Co

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