How to Invest?

Investing in agriculture brings one of the highest returns you can have

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

The process of investing in our Pineapple Farm project is straightforward, and like all great ideas ... it is simple! Here are the 4 steps:

Step 1 - Purchase

You complete purchase one or more hectares of pineapple farmland (1 hectare = 2.5 acres). You will own the land and receive full clear title to the land (Phase 1 Investors already have their property deeds). You will also sign a farm management agreement which allows your farm management partner to manage the land on your behalf for the purposes of growing the pineapples.

Please note that current phase 2 investors will be receiving already cleared & prepared farmland with all infrastructure, road access, irrigation systems, and water reservoirs in place. I.e. no additional 3 to 6 month land clearing and preparation required (as with similar farm investment projects). Your farmland is ready to get planted with pineapple seed stock straight away!

Step 2 - Planting, Caring & Harvesting

Once your payment has been received (you can fund using $ USD or cryptocurrencies), your farm management team will start planting your land with on-site MD-2 pineapple seed stock. The experienced team follow a precise planting plan using the latest agricultural drone technologies. 67,000 seed stock plants will be planted per hectare to begin the 29 month production cycle that includes a first and second pineapple harvest in addition to seed stock production and harvesting.

Your farm management partner will then care for and manage your hectare(s) to ensure your pineapples stay free of pests and disease. Your first pineapple harvest will be brought in after approximately 12 to 13 months (yes, that quick!). And as soon as that first harvest is completed, the cultivation process continues in order to grow and harvest seed stock and prepare for the second pineapple harvest 12 to 13 months after the first harvest. This is followed by more seed stock production until the 29 month production cycle is completed at which point your land is cleared and prepared for planting the next production cycle.

Step 3 - Packing and Selling

Your harvest will be processed and packed at a nearby modern pack house. Your farm management partner will then sell them on the open market (always looking for the best price).

The sale of your produce is projected to generate a very attractive net return per year after 16 months or less from funding date (based on current market prices and production cost estimates). Payments will be made once per year to your nominated bank account.

At the time of writing, and since the 2007 reform to the tax code in Panama, your income will be tax free in Panama as long as it remains below the threshold of $350,000.

Step 4 - zzzzzzz

Actually that's it ... there's really nothing more for you to do except to sit back, relax and enjoy the income your investment generates each year ... and don't forget ... your underlying land asset is anticipated to appreciate in value as well.

An additional benefit is that, depending on how you structure your pineapple farm investment, you can also qualify for residency and a path to citizenship in Panama. Dual residency and citizenship is a highly desirable attainment for many, and Latam Invest Co can assist you in this relatively easy process.

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