Investing in agriculture brings one of the highest returns you can have

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

The process of investing in our Pineapple Farm project is straightforward, and like all great ideas ... it is simple! Here are the steps:

Step 1 - Purchase

You complete the purchase of one or more hectares of pineapple farmland (1 hectare = 2.5 acres). You will own the land and receive full clear title to the land (Phase 1 and 2 Investors already have their property deeds. Phase 3 investors' deeds are in process). You will also sign a farm management agreement that allows your farm management partner to manage the land on your behalf for the purposes of growing the pineapples.

As stipulated in the farm agreement, you will receive guaranteed fixed annual returns. First payment will be 6 months after funding, with subsequent payments every quarter thereafter to your nominated bank account (Check our brochure for details and ROI rate). The initial farm management period is 20 years, with an option to extend an additional 10 years.

Your guaranteed fixed annual returns will be adjusted every two years based on the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) to keep pace with inflation. In addition, there is an option to receive 65% of the farm per hectare net profit if that exceeds the minimum guarenteed double-digit returns.

At the time of writing, your income from this farm investment will be tax-free in Panama.

Step 2 - zzzzzzz

Actually that's it ... there's really nothing more for you to do except to sit back, relax and enjoy the income your investment generates each year ... and don't forget ... your underlying land asset is anticipated to appreciate in value as well, since it is located in the path of the largest most dynamic residential and commercial development area in Central America: Panama Oeste.

An additional benefit is that, depending on how you structure your pineapple farm investment, it will also qualify you for residency and a path to citizenship in Panama. Dual residency and citizenship is a highly desirable attainment for many, and Latam Invest Co can assist you in this relatively easy process.

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