80% of pineapples imported into Europe are of the MD2 variety

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80% of pineapples imported into Europe are of the MD2 variety

MD2 pineapplesHere’s a news release about the popularity of the MD2 pineapple variety in Europe. This is the variety we produce on our investor’s lots, and when you come and visit our farm you can experience first hand the amazing sweetness and quality of the MD2.

Source: agraria.pe

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The importation of fresh pineapples in the European market has stabilized at around 900 thousand tons in recent years. The trading of this fruit is dominated by the MD2 variety and a few multinational companies such as Dole, Del Monte Foods, Fyffes, and Chiquita. Small exporters from developing countries should look for ways to distinguish themselves, based on quality, price and sustainability, according to a recent report by the Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries.

According to the report, 80% of the pineapple that Europe imports is of the MD2 variety. The remainder includes the Suave Cayena, Sugarloaf, and Victoria varieties. In general, pineapples for fresh consumption weigh 1 to 2.5 kilos and are classified into three classes: Extra Class, Class I, and Class II. Most of the pineapple sold in the European market are of the Class I or Extra Class.

Europe is supplied almost exclusively by developing countries and the market reached a state of maturity after large companies established their business in producing countries, which poses challenges for smaller suppliers.

The CBI also noted that the transportation of fresh pineapples by sea is usually done in combination with the banana trade; both products are dominated by large-scale companies.

“Try to avoid competition with the dominant companies in the pineapple industry. Producers should focus on niche markets (for example with socially responsible fruit, environmentally friendly or organic production), or specialty (such as baby pineapples),” the institution recommended.

Large markets, such as Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, and France import the fruit directly from the country of origin. Direct imports to the consumer market accounts for three quarters of the total commercial, so producers have the option to select the market they find most convenient and supply it directly.

According to the report, Europe is not a competitor in the production of pineapples, as only Portugal produces them, but their commercial impact does not go beyond the Iberian peninsula.

Even though the MD2 is the most popular variety, the report recognizes that there are opportunities for other varieties that are equally sweet and juicy.

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