Frequently Asked Questions:

1How secure is this investment?
Your investment is backed by holding clear title to the land with infrastructure in the ground, plants, as well as our as our farm management responsibilities to you.
2When will I get my first returns?
You will receive your first payment within 12 months (or 3 months with amortized quarterly payments) from the funding of your investment. Payments will then be made on annual or quarterly basis for the term of the farm management agreement.
3How can I be assured the projected returns will be met?
Our chief agriculture engineer along with our farm manager / agronomist and his team are highly qualified and have years of experience delivering successful pineapple harvests as well as in depth knowledge of all aspects of pineapple planting, cultivation, maintenance, harvesting, packing, shipping, and sales.

As such, phases 1, 2, and 3 of the farm are in full production with shipping containers exported on a weekly basis to our buyers in Europe (newest phase 4 being planted). In addition, pineapples are also sold to local buyers on a daily basis. More importantly, existing phase 1, 2, and 3 investors have been receiving double digit returns as promised. Further, farming operations have proven to be โ€œpandemic proofโ€ with farm operations continuing uninterrupted and sales actually increasing during the COVID 19 global pandemic.
4Can I liquidate my investment at any time?
Yes, your farmland investment can be sold at any time. The purchasing party will have to agree to all clauses and responsibilities within the farm management agreement. Estoril Panama Corp will have first right of refusal on any re-sales and all legal costs will have to be borne by one of either the selling or purchasing parties.
5What taxes need to be considered?
Because of the incentives the Panamanian government offers to agriculture related projects, your investment return should be tax free in the Republic of Panama. However depending on the tax laws in your country of residence and the structure you chose to invest, you may have to declare and pay taxes on the returns from this investment in your country of residence or citizenship. We always suggest you seek advice from an official tax consultant if you are not sure.
6What happens after 20 years?
When the initial farm management contract term of 20 years is completed, you will be able renew for another 10 year term.
7Can this investment be funded by a self-directed US IRA?
Yes, it is possible.
8Do you offer discounts on larger investments?
Yes, for farmland investments of multiple hectares, a discount can be negotiated.
9Can I use this investment to apply for Panamanian residency or citizenship?
Yes, depending on the investment structure you use, this investment can indeed be used to apply for Panamanian residency and ultimately citizenship. For more information, we can put you in contact with our lawyers who will be able to assist you with this process.
10Do you accept crypto currencies?
Yes, we accept the following crypto currencies as payment: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash (DASH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Vertcoin (VTC), Zcash (ZEC), Etherium (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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