September 2022 Farm Update

Celebrating dia del nino 2022
August 2022 Pineapple Farm Update
August 17, 2022
Farm Expansion November 2022
November 2022 Pineapple Farm Update
November 17, 2022

It’s business as usual on our Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm as the year-round production cycles of our premium pineapples continue. As part of our day-to-day operation, we’re constantly looking at innovative ways to upgrade our production capabilities and increase production yields. Below are some pictures of one of our older tractors our mechanic recently rebuilt from the ground up to combine with an also rebuilt older spray boom to become an additional crop care system.

Fruit Attraction 2022

Next month we’ll be returning to the Fruit Attraction Fair in Madrid, Spain. With over 90,000 visitors and 1,800 exhibitors from 130 countries, it’s one of the world’s most important fruit & vegetable trade shows (arguably the most rewarding one for us, based on our experiences over the past few years).

We will again be part of the Panama government’s ProPanama delegation, exhibiting our grower’s alliance Caimito Fruits brand, which has been gaining significant traction in Europe. We already have meetings lined up with some notable European grocery chains as well.

A key difference from previous years is that we recently added a full-time manager based in Europe to oversee the operation of our own distribution company there. This has been a crucial move, as it allows us to bypass the wholesale importer middleman and sell directly to grocery store chains, thereby giving us better prices and better returns for our investors and partners along with long-term stability.

Resale Lots

Although our lot sale program concluded a year ago (our next farm expansion is bank funded), we sometimes have a resale lot that becomes available. The terms on these lots would include a minimum ROI along with profit participation. Please let us know if you want to be notified when such an opportunity becomes available.

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