August 2022 Pineapple Farm Update

Pineapple Farm Sprayboom
April 2022 Pineapple Farm Update
April 20, 2022
Old tractor rebuilt
September 2022 Farm Update
September 22, 2022

Our farm, Colorada Fresh Pineapples, has long been focused on giving back to and supporting the local community. That is why we hosted a fun event last month to honor Día del Niño, the national holiday that celebrates the children in the country.

We gave the children of the Hogar San José de Malambo, a local orphanage which existed since 1890, a party they will never forget. The party had everything that a child could picture, from clowns and Micky Mouse to a live DJ, inflatable playgrounds, and incredible face painters. There were also delicious treats for attendees, including popcorn, hotdogs, cake, and candy.

To help make the event that extra bit special, the Colorada Fresh Pineapples team secured the names and ages of each attendee in advance, allowing them to gift personalized and wrapped gifts for every one of them.

This party is just part of the growing commitment the farm has to the local community, with the team dedicated to building on the more than 200 jobs they have already created.

Here are some photos of the fantastic day:

Although phase 3 of our pineapple farm project is sold out, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of our other investment opportunities.

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