FreedomFest 2018 Intro – Your Own Pineapple Farm in Panama

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April 9, 2018
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FreedomFest 2018 Intro – Your Own Pineapple Farm in Panama

Your Own Pineapple Farm in Panama

Pineapple farm investment

pineapple farm planting of seed stockLatam Invest Co is excited to introduce the Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm, a rare investment opportunity in pineapple farming. The farm is located in La Chorrera, the heart of Panama’s “Pineapple Country”, just one hour’s drive from Panama City, Panama.

This opportunity is not about holding shares in an operating company with all of the associated risks of facilities, process and markets, but a rewarding combination of a passive investment (owning the land with clear title) plus annual returns from pineapple sales.

The advantages are twofold:

  • First, you own the farmland (“fully titled”) – it appreciates over time, from year 1 until you sell the land. Farmland investing is particularly attractive to investors who wish to own productive assets that are not affected by the typical volatility and risk in the financial markets and other market manipulations that can affect your portfolio.
    Additionally, your land is located in the path of the largest most dynamic residential and commercial development area in Central America: Panama Oeste. With over 90 active residential projects, major shopping centers, retail and commercial development, the value of your farmland is very likely to increase in the coming years.
  • Second, it is productive farmland; you will partner with our established plantation management operation, who will plan, prepare, plant, maintain and harvest your pineapple crop. In the second and subsequent years, you will begin reaping returns from your harvest, projected to be between 19% and 23% net per planting year.

Pineapple farm planting, caring and harvestingThe concept – How it works:

  1. You purchase one or more hectares (~2.47 acres) of already prepared pineapple farmland from your farm management partner. You own the land, and receive full clear title to the land. All infrastructure, road access, irrigation systems, and water reservoirs are already in place.
  2. Once your payment has been received, your farm management partner will begin planting your land with high quality MD-2 pineapple seed stock. The experienced team follow a precise planting plan using the latest agricultural drone technologies. 60 thousand seed stock plants will be planted per hectare.
  3. Your farm management partner will then care for and manage your hectare(s) to ensure your pineapples stay free of pests and disease. Your first pineapple harvest will be brought in after approximately 12 months (yes, that quick!). And as soon as that harvest is completed, the planting process begins again for your next year.
  4. After your harvest is processed and packed at a local modern pack house, your farm management partner sells the packaged pineapples to either local distributors or international market clients. The sale of your produce is projected to generate an ROI of 19% per planting year or more, beginning in year 2. And, this return does not include any passive appreciation of your land assets.

Why Panama?

Panama CanalWith annual GDP growth of > 5%, the completed canal expansion and other vital infrastructure projects, the future of Panama looks very bright. In addition, while local demand for pineapples is strong in Panama, its canal, free trade zones, international air freight/air cargo airport, ports, two coast lines and position at the center of the Americas provide all the right conditions to capitalize on the export market as well.

For the past 15 years Panama has also been consistently ranked among the top retirement locations for North Americans. The fact that this investment can be used as part of a Panama residency or citizenship application, is a nice bonus for potential retirees or those of you looking for the security and benefits of owning a second passport.

We believe that investing in land ownership and an existing farm operation in a safe and growing economy provides a great opportunity to investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

However, we invite you to begin your due diligence, starting by coming to visit our booth 706 at the Freedom Fest 2018 conference in Las Vegas. You can also download our brochure or contact us for any further questions or would like to visit our farm (something we highly recommend).

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