Exclusive Passive Investment Opportunities in Panama

Panama's stable and dynamic economy is the fastest growing in Latin America, offering many excellent opportunties for smart investors. Our aim is to find, develop and manage a range of secure and profitable investment opportunities for our clients from around the world.

Pineapple Farm Investment Program - PHASE 3

We offer you the opportunity to buy and own one or more hectares of productive farmland on our pineapple farm in Panama. The land is "fully titled" with real appreciation potential. The farm is fully operational with our experienced team managing the pineapple production and sales.

As a phase 3 investor, you have the choice to receive fixed, inflation-adjusted, or variable, performance-linked, annual returns. These start from year 2 onwards for a term of 20 years (renewable for an extra 10). You receive your first payment 14 months after funding, with subsequent payments every 12 months thereafter on the same date, similar to a long-term lease agreement.

All phase 1 & 2 investors have already received their property deeds, and all payouts to phase 1 & 2 investors have matched the projected returns.

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Although we're sold out to external investors, we do have occasional resale lots available. Please contact us to check availability.

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phase 3 lots available from $99,500

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    Playa Belen Eco Resort & Marina Investment Program

    We're offering you an exciting and unique opportunity to invest in the Playa Belen Eco Resort & Marina project. The property is located on Panama's Caribbean coast, touted as the next "Tulum", and comprises miles upon miles of lush virgin rainforest canopies, unspoiled white sandy beaches, and beautiful turquoise waters.

    The world-class boutique eco-resort will focus on nature-based eco-adventure, sustainability, and community enrichment while being supported by a 5-star luxury level of service. First-round investors will get a preferred return of 12%, with a target IRR of 23%.

    Click Here for more info on our Playa Belen Eco Resort & Marina Investment Program

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    Min. Investment $100,000

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      What our clients say?

      • Lora B. Glick, Esq.
        I met James Gooden and Don Ewert of Latam Invest Co. at a “Freedomfest” conference in Las Vegas, NV, in July, 2018. I was looking for an international investment opportunity that involved farming and agriculture and possible land purchase. During the course of that three-day conference, Jim and Don spoke with me about the opportunity Latam Invest Co. presented to its investors and it appeared to be a terrific fit for what I wanted. They also made it clear to me that this was a nascent business and they would be doing their first planting in a couple of months. This indicated to me that there certainly was some risk involved. However, Jim and Don were very patient in explaining their business plan and investment opportunity to me. They answered all of my questions and dealt with me at all times with a high level of integrity and optimism.

        I flew home to New Jersey and continued my communications with Jim and Don via e-mail. Again, they answered all of my questions, provided me with legal documents regarding the investment and put me in touch with their lawyer to answer more questions and make me feel more secure. The investment opportunity involved my purchasing a lot of land upon which they would plant and harvest pineapples to sell locally, nationally and internationally, and they would send me a significant portion of sales profits after each harvest (over a 29-month cycle).

        I signed documents and made my initial investment at the beginning of August, 2018. Thereafter, Jim and Don continued building trust and good will with me. They telephoned me about once a month to let me know how the planting was going. They sent me and all of their investors video updates regarding the planning and harvesting of the pineapple crops. And last month, I received my first ROI funds related to that harvest – approximately eleven months after I made my initial investment.

        This is a great opportunity and Jim and Don are the real deal in terms of realizing their vision of making Latam Invest Co. an international success for everyone involved, especially their investors.
        Lora B. Glick, Esq.
      • Marcus L.
        "Having visited a few agricultural investment possibilities in Latin and South America over the past couple of years I was very impressed with the pineapple plantation and project. You invest into an existing operation with the land already cleared and pineapples offer quick returns compared to most other similar projects."
        Marcus L.
      • Mark T.
        I visited the pineapple farm on a 4 day trip to Panama. It was really nice to meet the team behind the project and listen to farm manager Eduardo as he took us around. Highlight was tasting freshly picked pineapples at the end of the tour. I never tasted pineapples this delicious and sweet. Donald also organised a fishing trip on nearby lake Gatun for us in the afternoon. Thanks again. My reservation form is on its way.
        Mark T.