Pineapple Farm Oct Updates p2 & p3

Pineapple pack house La Chorrera
Panama: Certification of pineapples to China – a work in progress
October 22, 2018
MD2 Pineapples
Panama exports 6,400 boxes of MD-2 pineapples to Turkey
November 6, 2018

Here’s another interesting video update made in October 2018 from our pineapple farm in Panama. It shows you our state of the art packhouse. The packhouse is the final step in our pineapple production cycle where our pineapples are sorted and packaged for export.

For the final October video update we look at the crop care treatments, which are very important for the development of our pineapple crop.

There’s a very strong sense of community on our farm and in the La Chorrera area, Panama pineapple heartland. All our farmers are locals and have lived in this area for generations. Here’s a nice picture we took this week of some of our farmers’ kids being taken to school on horseback (with our farm on the background).

farmer's kids on horse

Anyone visiting us actually has the chance to tour the farm on horseback too, though a ride in one of our comfortable 4×4’s is of course an option as well.

panama flag mujer

Panamanians are very proud of their heritage and independence, especially since they’ve had to fight so hard to get it over the years. This coming weekend they’ll be celebrating Separation Day (from Colombia 1903) on November 3rd and Flag Day, or Dias Patrios, on November 4th. These days are marked with colourful brass band parades in Panama City and across the country.

Panama dias patrios


Panama dias patrios

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