Panama Caribbean Eco Land Investment Tours

Discover the hidden gem of Panama's Caribbean coast: miles upon miles of lush virgin rainforest canopies, unspoiled white sandy beaches, and captivating turquoise waters. See this secret paradise for yourself and uncover why it's being dubbed "the next Tulum".

Ground-floor land investment opportunities are available, taking full advantage of today's low land prices. These prices are poised to move upward as the Playa Belen eco-resort marina project with its private airstrip moves forward, followed by the planned extension of the coastal highway. 

We are offering reduced price helicopter tours for a limited time. 

We will pick you up from where you are staying in Panama City at 7 am and drive to Albrook airport, also in Panama City. From there, we will take a helicopter directly to the eco-resort marina site and land there (45-minute flying time). We will take a quick boat tour on the Belen River and also the smaller river that borders the Eastern part of the project (the helicopter can stop at any other available land investment sites along the nearby coastline).

After the tour, you will be served a snack and delicious coconut water from freshly harvested coconuts. After this, we will return to Albrook airport in Panama City and then to your hotel arriving by midafternoon the same day. 

When you invest in any of our available land opportunities, we will fully reimburse the cost of the helicopter trip. 

Please contact us to schedule a zoom call to learn more about the Tours and why this is a great land investment opportunity. Alternatively, complete the form below to reserve your private helicopter tour now. 

“As the Playa Belen Eco Resort Marina project with its 5-star beachfront villa style hotel with private airstrip moves forward, it will shine an international spotlight on this natural, wild, undiscovered, and under-valued beautiful stretch of Panama’s Caribbean coastline.”

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