November 2020 Farm Video Update + Phase 3 Launch

Colorada Fresh Pineapples Panama
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June 3, 2020
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November 2020 Farm Video Update + Phase 3 Launch

Our Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm has really gone from strength to strength over the past year. Pineapple production has gradually increased as more and more of our phase 1 & 2 investors’ fields mature and get harvested. As a result, we’re currently exporting weekly containers by sea to Europe and pallets by air to niche markets in Europe and the Middle East. This will greatly increase in May 2021 when the first harvests from early planting on the phase 3 land begins.

Overall, the global demand for pineapples is strong and growing, as consumption habits are changing to more healthy foods, including the vitamin rich pineapple. But, the extra sweetness of our MD2 pineapples also makes them very desirable to high-end niche buyers. This extra sweetness is achieved through the specific soil and microclimate in which they are grown, and hence unique to our La Chorerra area in Panama (i.e. pineapples grown in Costa Rica, Brazil or the Philippines cannot achieve the same sweetness).

Investor Phase 3 Launch

This continued success of our project has led to our decision to open up a 3rd phase to investors, who now have another opportunity to buy 1 (or more) hectares of our fully operational Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm and share in this success (1 hectare = 2.5 acres).

As proven (again) during 2020, investments in agriculture are crisis-proof, as people still need and buy food. The productive farmland, for which you receive full clear title, is also an excellent hedge against inflation (and in itself is likely to increase significantly in value as it’s located in the clear path of residential development).

For phase 3 investors we’re offering an attractive guaranteed fixed return for a term of 20 years, renewable for another 10 years. First payment will be 14 months after funding, with subsequent payments every 12 months thereafter.

You’ll find more details about phase 3 in our updated PDF brochure which you can download here. Alternatively, you can respond to this email and we’ll send you a copy.

Video Message from Our CEO

Here’s a short video update about our Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm project:

Please visit our website if you missed any of our other recent video updates or contact us for more information.

James Gooden
C.E.O. Latam Invest Co

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