Pineapple Farm October 2018 Video Update

pineapple farm Panama
Pineapple Farm September 2018 2nd Video Update
September 27, 2018
Pineapple pack house La Chorrera
Panama: Certification of pineapples to China – a work in progress
October 22, 2018

Just a quick update here from our pineapple farm in Panama to show everyone our irrigation system. Although we are still in the rainy season, the dry season is just around the corner and it is very important to have a year round water supply and system in place for irrigation as our farm has.

Keeping the pineapple crops properly irrigated during the dry season is very important in order to produce a maximum number of pineapples in sizes as large as possible. Larger pineapples command more money per kilo than smaller ones and that means higher ROI’s for investors.

Please contact us if you’d like to come and visit the farm, or if you’d like the latest list of available investor lots.

James Gooden
C.E.O. Latam Invest Co

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