July 2021: Our Pineapple Farm in the News

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We like to share an article on the popularity of Panama’s pineapples that was covered by several industry publications, including Fresh Plaza (click here). It features our Colorada Fresh Pineapples farm.

Here’s a copy of the article:

Pineapples from Panama see spike in demand

Colorada Fresh Pineapples, owned by James Gooden, and LV Farms, owned by Paul Vergara, are making great headway in fruit exports by air from Panama to Europe. These Panama based companies are the pioneers in the fruit air-export business and have strategically positioned the Panamanian pineapple in the European marketplace over the past few years. In the short time these pineapples have been in the European marketplace, they have seen a spike in demand due to their unique taste and high brix levels, making them sweeter than most other pineapples.

Even though there are not many pineapple farms in the small country of Panama, Panama’s tropical micro-climate is ideally suited for year round production with its combination of volcanic soil, elevation, rainfall, temperature, and humidity. As such, Colorada Fresh pineapples are planted and cultivated in a continuous cycle making harvest consistent and sustainable. Even during the most challenging time of year (May – August), Colorada Fresh Pineapples and LV Farms have been able to continue shipping pineapples by air to niche markets all across Europe.

And with farms in close proximity to the Atlantic and Pacific ports, the Panamanian farms are able to deliver wholesale pineapples as quick and fresh as logistically possible. Due to this focus on freshness, the Panamanian pineapple is now a fashionable, preferred, exclusive commodity for exotic fruit retailers throughout Europe. Both farms currently have weekly programs shipping pineapples by air to Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, France as well as other countries.

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