Caribbean Beach / Ocean Front Lots in Panama

Latam Invest Co is offering you a unique, time-sensitive opportunity to invest in tropical beach / ocean front estate lots with substantial upside potential. Investing in tangible scarce assets is considered an excellent inflation hedge and portfolio diversification. We currently also offer free permanent Panama residency with the purchase of each lot (our lawyers will take care of the full process and legal work).

The Opportunity

1) Purchase your Beach Front Lot

You purchase 3.69 to 6.62 acres virgin beach / ocean front land at a prices ranging from $89,000 to $159,500 per lot. This undeveloped tropical land is on the Caribbean Ocean side of Panama which has nicer beaches, clearer water and lower tide fluctuations than the Pacific side. The land is currently only accessible by float plane, helicopter or boat ... however ... it is located in the current path of infrastructure development.

You will receive full clear title to the land which will be registered in your name in the Panama Public Registry. The deeds will be sent to you. The lot master plan also allows each lot to be further split in two to three smaller pieces in the future.

2) Speculate on the Land Price Increase

Historical evidence shows an exponential rise in the value of land once it gets connected to the rest of the country's road and utilities infrastructure network. The rise in property values will be contingent upon the completion of a number of infrastructure projects which are all due to be completed under the term of Panama's current new president, Mr. Laurentino Cortizo (ETC within the next 2 to 4 years).

FACT: the first key infrastructure project for us, the Puente Atlantico bridge over the canal, is already completed and opened August 2nd 2019

Donoso Panama beach lots future access aerial view

Aeriel view showing the future access to the beach lots and ongoing infrastructure projects.

FACT: similar beach front lots in other parts of Panama with completed infrastructure are currently priced 10 to 20 times more per m2

ocean front beach lot prices in Panama

Map showing the ocean front beach lot prices across Panama.

Key Benefits:

Why should you consider this opportunity?

  • you invest in a tangible scarce resource (land) in very limited supply (Caribbean Ocean beach front), which is an excellent hedge against inflation and portfolio diversification
  • the beach / ocean front land you purchase comes with clear title
  • the medium and long term (2 to 5 years) land banking upside potential is significantly higher than any downside risk (i.e. loss in value of the land)
  • you’re able to subdivide your land in 2 to 3 smaller lots per a master plan, allowing you to re-sell and partially or totally cash out in the future, while still benefiting from further gains
  • you invest in Panama, a stable country with very strong property ownership rights and continuous strong economic growth (predicted GDP growth of 6.3% for 2019)
  • Panama is not affected by any adverse weather conditions (i.e. no hurricanes or tornados)

Our View:

Why act now and what are the next steps?

Latam Invest Co has many years experience in land procurement in Panama. Based on our expertise and backed up by our historical database of land price movements in all areas of Panama, we believe this to be the best opportunity we've seen in over 20 years. The prices for this undeveloped tropical beach front land are at the bottom of a curve which will start rising exponentially when the infrastructure works are nearing completion.

However, this opportunity is time sensitive. To complete your due diligence, we invite you to download our PDF brochure below and visit Panama to check out the opportunity with your own eyes. We can arrange a helicopter or boat tour to see the untouched beach lots, tropical surroundings and ongoing infrastructure works.

Request your Beach / Ocean Front Lot Investment brochure today!

estate lots available from $89,000

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